Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show n Tell April 2017

Our Guest Speaker this month was Hugh Ramage who gave us a talk on the life of Mr Singer and about the invention of the Singer Sewing Machines. A very interesting talk and enjoyed by all .

This quilt is titled "A City That Never Sleeps" and is by Elisabeth.  She told us that she was at the Apple Basket Quilt Shop one day and saw a group working on a Tula Pink Quilt and felt so inspired that she went home and ordered the book and started on this quilt.  She has only done 70 blocks!!! and picked the ones that were easy

a close up of the quilting.  She told us that now she is doing a 2nd one out of scraps and is up to block no. 50 !
Another by Elisabeth called "Antique Bargello"  She went to a class and was taught the technique of Bargello. The Tutor was Janet Bridgette.

"Piwakawaka" (NZ Fantail) designed by Colleen at Grandmother's Garden and was stitched by Alison .

This is mounted on canvas and is called "My City" Hester attended a jelly plate class using poster paints, black, gold & silver accents within the stitched lines.
"Seasons Arye" by Hester and was made following on from the Jelly Plate Class. This one has been painted, stitched and accents added.
Another by Hester.  She attended a class in making a city from 10 fabrics, accent painting & highlighted the stitching.

Kathleen E. was watching past recordings of Alex Anderson on the Living Channel and the guest demonstrator was Gwen Marston on making fibre books It caught her imagination and she made some.
This is the mug Frances takes to work and ....

She saw the picture on Pinintrest and thought she would have a go at making this mug bag. She is definitely not making another.....
Our club is participating in the Mystery Quilt run by "Aimee's Homestead Quilts" Here is a block from the children's quilt and is by Susie and Rosie N
This is the other choice and these two were completed by Morag & Heather.

Friday, March 17, 2017

March Show n Tell

This lovely bright bag was made by Carol B.  The bag pattern and the cat fabric was bought on the trip to Auckland Quilt show and the stripe fabric was purchased at Grandmother's Garden.  She said it was fun to make.

 This bright pink quilt was named by Rob who saw it on the table and he thought "Stairway to Heaven". It was put together by Jeanette.
 Jenny W. attended a class at Fox Cottage, in Foxton and made and quilted this Apple Core Quilt.
 A lovely bright scrap quilt by Kathleen E.  Joy E. demonstrated a scrap piece block to her and this quilt was also quilted by Joy. Kathleen made the comment that it did not appear to make a dent in her scrap pile!!
 A table runner by Diana was made at a recent retreat our club had at Scoutlands Wanganui.  She has called it "Daisy Beauty"
 Another by Diana, called "Black & White Beauty".  It was made at a September retreat 2016.
A wall hanging by Bep. The lazer cut tulips were purchased on a Auckland trip and she put it all together at our recent quilt retreat.
Not as many quilts for show n tell this month, hopefully we will have been more productive next month!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

February 2017 Show n Tell

Made by Karen C. She told us that because the weather was so grotty over the holiday break there was not much else to do. What a wonderful way to fill in your time!!

Maureen M. has called this colourful quilt "Jewel Box". She has made it for herself and was given some of the material by her friend Betty.

A beautiful bag made by Bep. She bought the pattern at the Levin Show and did not have enough material for the whole bag so she has knitted the back of the bag.

This quilt is called "Bali" and is made by Betty B.  Her friend in Australia gave her Bali material 5 yrs ago and after seeing a quilt made in these colours she was inspired to make it up.

This is the backing of her quilt, it is a tablecloth that was on her dinning table and thought that is the perfect size!!

Judith A. purchased this as her 1st ever kit at Tote & Gloat. It is her 1st attempt at free motion quilting as well. Well done.

Judy P. has hand stitched this wall hanging. Made on Linen and in felt and wool. Hand stitched.  It is called "Round the Garden" and is a pattern by Wendy Williams.
A I Spy Quilt by Lyn S. She saw the pattern in a book and worked it out "her way".

This wall hanging is called "All a Twitter". Alison B. saw the pattern in a NZ Quilter magazine, it was designed by Anne Scott.

3 Table Runners made by Kathleen E. It filled in the time over the Summer.

Judith A. liked a photo of this quilt on facebook and worked out the maths! Her cousin loved it and wants to buy it and make it a duvet cover.

"A Trip Around The World" is by Frances H. She thought she would have a go at strip piecing, sewing into a tube and cross cutting. Helen P helped her with the colour choices.

This daisy chain-pansy chain is by Sue F. The pattern is from a jelly roll book, made up from 2 1/2 squares and machine quilted by Sue.
Rosie N. started this quilt in Christmas 2015 and finished Christmas 2016, it was a kit from Grandmother's Garden.
This is by Sonia C. who thinks it should be called "Headache", I think we probably all have one of those. Her daughter asked her to make a quilt as a wedding gift from her scraps and from a photo.
A close up of the centre. Sonia said it was a BIG ASK but she got there. A very good effort indeed.

This jacket is by Hester d. (a new member, welcome) She had wanted to make a bargello quilt for ages and had the pattern for this jacket and finally the time.

And this is the front. It looked lovely.

This quilt is called "373 in 2017" and is by Maureen L.  Kathryn Kerr, an Australian Quilter decided to do a 365 day challenge in January 2016. A new block was put on the web at midnight. It was a real challenge as one 2 in block had 49 pieces and a 6in had 185 pieces.  She finished her top 8 days late hence it is a 373 day challenge.

Here is a close up of the middle

And a couple of close up of the blocks

And this is the 6in 185 pieced block!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

December Show n Tell 2016

Our club held a Christmas Challenge, make a postcard with a festive theme.  These two talented ladies were the winners. Jean's effort won 2nd prize and Gail  won 1st and 3rd prize. Voting was made by club members.

 Here are the postcards, all wonderful efforts.
 Susie B. made a lovely black & white bag. Brilliant effort Susie.
Jean M showed us her reversible table runner.
This Aran cardigan was knitted by Rosalie C. It is going to be raffled for the Hearing Assn.
 This beautiful sampler was made by Francis. She is our UFO Queen! It has taken her 6 years to complete. It is handquilted, quilt as you go method.  The photo does not do it justice I am sorry, the hand quilting is beautiful.
Another UFO by Francis, but it is going to be finished soon! 
 A table runner for Christmas, by Bep.
Kath E. made a table runner with hand dyed puffs.
 Veronica has finished this Soldier wall hanging in time for Christmas, he is just lovely.
 Another by Veronica, it is a Wreath, or can also be used for a table setting.
 Isn't he adorable. a neddlefelt pussycat, by Veronica.
 Here is a Ngaire Brooks pattern, made by Veronica.
 Also by Veronica, is her finished block of the month, looks stunning in black & white and lime green. This bag is also by Veronica.
 Alison B. is very talented and inbetween making quilts she also has finished this amazing alphabet cross stitch.
 Madeline made this scrappy quilt for her Sister's 60th Birthday.
 Madeline also hand stitched these blocks and has made a lovely quilt.
 This table runner was made in a Anna Williams class, by Madeline.
 Also by Madeline is this delightful Christmas Tree made out of suffox puffs.
Judy A has been busy making Christmas decorations and pinned them on this notice board to display them for us.
 Rosie & Jenny made a table centre mat, they attended a class in Foxton at Foxy Cottage.
 Rosie also made these glass cases.
 She also made this table runner, was a pattern from Grandmother's Garden.
 She also showed us this Jewellery Case she has made, one of 12, a busy lady!.
 Daniella showed us her book art, this is the cover, it was a print class project. Inside is all her photographed work.
 She also attended a weaving course on a Marae and here is her finished Kete.
Dianna has completed this table runner for Christmas.
This is a work in progress by Alison B.
Our club travelled up to Auckland in November for the Auckland quilt show, hence no show n tell for November. we will take a break now and meet back in February.