Saturday, April 14, 2018

Show n Tell for April 2018

The theme for this month was "Harvest", only a few to show this month.
this beautiful quilt was made by Donna B. for her Husband's 50th birthday.
A quilted waistcoat by Jenny R. She has called it "Harvest Pumpkins" and has Debbie Mumm fabrics in it and was made years ago!
Titled "Farm Yard" and was made by Judith A. This quilt is a donation to Top Kids Childcare for them to raffle as a thank you for all that they have done for her Grandson Josiah, a wonderful idea.
"Sun Bonnet Sue" another by Judith to raffle for Topkids Childcare.
This was one to make for fun and is called "Sunflower Garden" by Judith A.
A Bassinet Quilt made to order by Judith A.
This table runner started out as a block of the month but the fabric provided was not like the shop sample and ended up on her design wall for about a year! Heather McL. finally deceided to just use the blocks and made them into a runner.
A Christmas Tree mat which has been made for Heather's son & daughter in law. There is no hole in the middle as their tree stand is an antique wrought iron one that they do not want covered up.
Another by Heather and is a Christmas table runner made to accompany the tree mat.
This was a row by row by Carol Burges and Kiwi Quilters and was a 2007 swap and has finally been finished and the top is now hers!
"Maple Leaves" by  Madeline McC. and was made for her spare room.
and another by Madeline made for her spare room as well. It is called "Autumn Stars"
This lovely quilt was from a tin purchase and Rosie N.  machine quilted it while on a Club Retreat.
A journal cover, front and back by Rosie and was the weekend retreat's project.
This is an apple core purse and was started in a workshop in Melbourne by Bep.
Bep also made these Christmas Stars and they are folded not stitched , amazing.
When Bep (and other club members) went on a bus trip to Auckland for the exhibition she bought this pattern and has completed it now. It is a laser cut tulip.
"Hawaiian Delight" by Jo B.  A friend designs material for Aloha shirts and Jo was given the left over pieces and made this quilt.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Show N Tell March 2018

This months theme was "Recycled"

Donna has been happily stitching felt onto cushion covers for awhile now, her Sister gave her some Air NZ first class toilet bags and she decorated them and gave one each to her Friday Stitching group. Lucky ladies.
Carol B. made this for a C.O.Q. Challenge some years ago. It has her Mum's kitchen curtains on the back.
This is titled "My First Quilt" and is by Christine T.  It was the poorest time of her life and she had also moved to a new area where she did not know anyone so she bought old clothing & sheets from the thrift shop and taught herself quilting.
Jenny R. liked her old jeans so much that she made a bag and embellished it. She did say she probably would not be able to fit the same jeans now!
"Jackets" by Jo B.  Modelled by Maureen L.  Jo had time on her hands when she was up the river and thought what can I do with a shirt Betty had given her.
This is the back of a 2006 challenge called "Op Pertunity" by Maureen L.  It was a recycled challenge at North Otago Patches & Quilters. 
And the front of the quilt.
That is the finish of the recycled items, it is amazing what can be done.
"Black & White" quilt which was a block of the month, by Madeline Mc. Lovely splash of colour.
"Circus"  by Rosie N.  This was a block of the month from Ammie's in  Palmerston North. Nicely finished.
Rosie N. started making this about 1 year ago at Fox Cottage, Foxton and she finished it yesterday.
Some more bags from Carol B. The were purchased as a kit from USA and she found them very easy to make.  Carol is going to give them to her great nieces for their birthdays, with treats in the pockets. A lovely gift.
Stack n Whack. This is a Carey Hackett (deceased member) top and has been quilted by Helen.  It is one of the tops that Carey did not get a chance to finish.
"Summer on the Lake" by Helen P.  It was a Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt called "On Ringo Lake" Started Nov & Dec 2017 and finished in Jan 2018. Helen says "a miracle" Well done.
This is Frances H. effort of the mystery quilt.  Hers is the top only and she started Nov 2017. Frances followed the mystery on line over Christmas.  She wrote ...... tiny little pieces. At least it is finished!!
Another  quilt from the same pattern, by Maureen L.  Also a beautiful finished project.
A recycled bag by Veronica D. It is made from a woollen coat.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Show n Tell february 2018

Our theme for February was "Summer"
Frances H called her wall - hanging "Summertime" and was made for a challenge in 2015 by using a supplied block which was cut up to make the legs of the chair. This is a chair that she uses regularly to sit on in the garden and read a book, her favourite summertime activity.

Colleen O'N, attended a class at Cottage Flair a few years ago on lead-lighting quilting.
Jenny R, completed this wall-hanging in 2003.  It was a workshop with Kirsten Duncan started in 2002.
"Beach Belles" by Jenny R. Pattern was by Amy Bradley and was bought while on holiday. She completed it in 2014. It is hand quilted and embellished with buttons and beads.
"Denise & I & Wild Apple Trees" Made by Maureen L, and it brings back memories of a Summer Holiday around the Southern Lakes and Waitaki Valley with her friend.
On with the Show n Tell.
This very pretty quilt is by Judith A. It was a mystery challenge, quilt as you go method and was lots of fun to make.
Another by Judith A. This is called "Scattered Geese" and she made it to use up scraps.  Judith had it quilted by Paula Shailer @Rabbits Patch Quilting.
And another by Judith.  This is called "Squares in Squares" and was 3 years in the making and it is one finally for their bed!  Another quilted by Paula Shailer.
A wall-hanging by Carolyn.  She attended a Gloria Loughman class at symposium and this is one of four teaching pieces in her book.  Carolyn used it to practice sewing on her new machine.
Heather McL. has called this "I grew up to be a change mat".   She started off with the yellow fabric and worked out a patch to use up the small amount of fabric she had but it was NOT ENOUGH for a cot quilt so it is backed with shower proof fabric and became a change mat!
We all had a laugh when she showed us the Perfect Quilting clock she bought in Fiji.
"Ladies" by Rosie N.  Rosie bought the kit in Melbourne just because she liked it.
Last years challenge quilt from Aimee's Quilting, Palmerston North. These are by Rosie and Sonia.
The front & back of a bag by Carol B. She began it in 2009 and has finally finished it.
 A wall-hanging by Jenny W.  This is a pattern by Jacqui Karl and was done as a block of the month. Another quilt to go in to her stash.  Jacqui machine quilted it for her.
 This will be called "Tatam's Tasje" and is for Tatam's 8th birthday and will  have other NZ gifts inside to reflect the wonderful time Henny Burger has had in New Zealand.
Another by Henny, who was a visitor to our meeting,  They are two separate wall-hangings and are called "Summer in New Zealand".  She loved the batik fabrics and loved the landscapes in NZ.  These are her 1st quilts. Well done Henny.