Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Show N Tell December 2013

Judy A. stitched this beautiful sampler in pale greens and other soft colours.

Rosie G. showed her glass paper weight made at Chronicle Glass Wanganui.

Rosie also made this quilt for her Daughter's 4th Birthday. Love the owls for the border.

Janice D. showed the Child's Quilt that she ran in our newsletter as a block of the month.

A wall hanging by Janice in soft burgundy colours to match her daughters lounge.

a close up of the stitching.
This is a quilt in progress by Frances H. I'm sorry that the photo does not show up the beautiful hand stitching!

Plus a very attractive bag by Frances.

Andre showed her horse wall hanging plus a matching cushion and a black & white cushion.

A lovely boy's quilt with hand embroidery on each block and trellis work on the sides. Very nice Lyn .

A Christmas Santa Sack which Pat S. is going to fill with Christmas Presents!

and the other side of the sack.
Donna has completed her cabbage tree quilt, a Claire Smith Class she attended. Love the wavy blue background.

Gail W. made this table runner, embellished with beads. Very nice.

Veronica showed this beautiful Christmas runner. This is an Adrienne Walker pattern.

Carey H. made these canvas blocks.

Carey also attended the Claire Smith workshop and these 2 cabbage trees going to be part of a trio of hangings.

Carey made this quilt from a jelly roll. Beautiful colours.
A stripped quilt with embellishment of flowers scattered over it. Carey has been busy.

a close up of the lovely stitching.

Plus a jelly roll bag which the Ladies all said they would like a class for this.

Helena made this lovely quilt, called southern Skies Over Home for her Daughter who is working overseas.
Rosie N. showed a lap quilt which is a gift for a friend.

An amazing Baltimore Quilt by Rosie N.

A close up of the stitching, Joy E. machine quilted it for her.

This is a stack n whack quilt also by Rosie.

Audrey T. made this Day At The Beach quilt for her Grandaughter. The jandles are made in Kaffe Fassett material.

This is a beautiful quilt in jewel type colours. A work in progress, it is a very long quilt to accommodate the Husband 6ft 7ins. Keitha had to stand on a chair to help hold it up!

The rest of this amazing quilt.
Another Christmas Table runner, this one is by Audrey T.

This was a 2006 Challenge finally finished by Jenny R,

A retro pattern of a table runner by Jenny R.

This is going to be a string bag with the string coming out of the hole to represent the tail. Made by Bernice B.

A close up of the stitching on this cot quilt by Judy P.

this is a cot quilt for Samuel Lloyd made by Judy P. for her son's friend.

Another quilt made in the Clair smith workshop by Judy P.
A quilted wall hanging of a Cat & Iris's by Jenny R. Another Adrienne Walker Pattern.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Notebook Cover Instructions

Hi everyone

Here are the very simple instructions for the note book covers.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric 12 3/4" by 7 1/2"
With right sides together sew a 1/4" seam around, leaving an opening.
Trim corners
Turn inside out.
Press flat.
Stitch opening closed.
Place notebook centered on inside of cover as a guide and fold over left and right hand edges for the sleeves. Press.
Hand (or machine) stitch down.

Your help in making these is very much appreciated.

If you need fabric contact Helen P

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Show "N Tell November 2013

 Madeline is all sorted for Christmas!
Another from Madeline. She attended a Gloria Loughman Landscape class in Taupo. A beautiful effort, good colour contrast.
A Baby Girl Cot Quilt made by Madeline.
This Abstract wall hanging is by Betty B. Superb!
A work in progress by Betty B. embroidered circles.
Congratulations to Betty as well, she won the challenge at the recent Rangitikei Quilter's Exhibition.
A wall hanging from Leslie, she said it is to remind her of her trip to England.
This is the back of the wall hanging. 
Lidy made this wall hanging at Taupo Symposium. It involved using a soldering iron and has 3 D flowers.  I think the tutor was K. Sage. It is superb. 
Another by Lidy. This was made in a class by Dena Crain at Taupo Symposium.
Another Taupo Symposium wall hanging. It is by Alison. The class was called In The Garden, Tutor was Julie Van der Putten. Variation of greens and different techniques discovered.
A very nice effort.
Wall hanging of Deer in a forest by Dianna.  She is quilting it by hand.
 Maureen G. made this reversible bag in pinks and purples.
Audrey T. sourced this denim skirt for her granddaughter and added the fills. Made something plain into something beautiful!
This work in progress is by Helen P. She attended Gloria Loughman's Colour Fusion class at Taupo Symposium.
Maureen L made this beautiful Boys Quilt for her Grandson in greens and yellows.
Another by Maureen, a very appealing Christmas Tree with a Kiwi influence for her Son in Australia.

Judy P. made this at Taupo Symposium. The tutor was Robbi  Eklow
A jelly roll quilt by Carol B.
And another jelly roll quilt by Carol.
Lyn S. made this beautiful 9 patch on a calico background. 
Veronica D. made 2 handbags in purple and pink for her Grandaughters.
This is a wonderful tractor quilt for Cody by Veronica.
and another for Troy, her twin Grandsons.
A quirky pin cushion, and a selection of bags by Carol B.
and more bags by Carol. a busy lady, does she sleep!!
a beautiful cushion by Maureen G.
Not sure who made this snap bag. it was the mini workshop for the November meeting.
We celebrated the 25th birthday for Cotton on Quilters at our meeting. The cake is being cut by Carol our past President and club foundation member, Audrey a life member and a foundation member and Karen also a foundation member.
Here are a couple of photos of the beautiful cake