Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mystery Bus Trip - an illustrated tour - Part One

A few weeks ago our club had their biennial Mystery Bus Trip. Now when you live in the lower half of the North Island it gets harder and harder to make things a "mystery" - or so I thought! I organised the last 2 but this one was in the very capable hands of Betty, Karen and Judy. I knew that the Dannevirke quilting group had their exhibition on and my guess was that we would visit that and then come back to Palmerston North, but no, I knew NOTHING! We went nowhere near Danevirke or Palmerston North. We went to Levin, and its evirons. First stop was Cherry Pie Quilt Patch. In the classroom the ladies are admiring Cheryl's latest patten, a very lovely Christmas quilt and checking out the notions for sale.
Examining the finer points of a quilt:
Carol and Alison in the tea area:
Next stop was at Toad Hall. Maureen was pleased to pick up this sample of fabric sushi.

Susan Claire (Mayfield) of Toad Hall - aka the Gourmet Quilter certainly knows how to make fabric tantalising.

Some finished shopping before others:
And there had to be a little bit of show and tell while waiting:
Finally, here we all are on the veranda outside Toad Hall
There were some pretty happy shoppers amongst that lot!!

(More next post)