Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Show and Tell August 2010

Greetings folks.
Our August meeting was a buzz. There was plenty of activity.
Several visitors and four new members joined us. Welcome. We are always glad to have new members because then we know that our Cotton on Quilters is alive and well.

Janice demonstrated weaving material for background in picture quilts. Janice has added some great effect to her quilts by using this method. Thanks Janice. We hope to get a video of this up on to the blog sometime soon.

Members have also been very busy lately and there were some great quilts in the show and tell. It continues to amaze me, the originality and artistic beauty of the quilts that I see. Really, we have some talented members.

Here's what we saw at show and tell:

Sunburst - This is a charity quilt which is in the making. Maureen has taken on Rita's challenge from last month; To show more work in progress. Well done Maureen.

Maureen has also completed this "New York Beauty" for her daughters 40th birthday

Jean has been working on this scrap quilt after deciding that she needed to do some thing with the bit and pieces - Note the detail of the cat. They all have little embroidered faces.

This baby quilt is made by Karen. It is from a Susan Claire pattern "Ted and Dog". It is her first attempt at red work. Well done Karen

Jenny's quilt in greens is her 'stack the deck.'

Keitha, one of our recent new members has completed this baby quilt. It is backed with polar fleece and beautifully quilted - as you can see by the detail photo.

This Quilt is also made by Keith for her adopted grandson's birthday.

This is made by one of our new members Linda. She is using a 'quilt as you go' to join this large quilt. Linda came as a visitor today and decided to become a member.
Welcome Linda.

Alison's son is coming from Australia to visit her and so she has made this lovely white heron, the New Zealand Kotuku, to give to him when he arrives. Note the detail of the label on the back of the quilt which explains the legend of the Kotuku. What a lovely gift Alison.

Donna started this quilt back in 1996 as a block of the month quilt. Three years ago she finished the last block. Family commitments began to take over and the quilt was put on the back burner to sit as one of those UFOs we all seem to gather. But, happily, here it is - finished.

Sonia has been thinking of her new 6 week old grandson as she made this building blocks quilt.

Sonia also made this stack and whack at Anne's workshop. It is now completed as a quilt as you go. Note the detail of the quilting from the back. Well done Sonia.
This lovely bright quilt is made from blocks given by Joy and put together at our UFO 1/2 nighter by Helen. It will be for a charity quilt.

This is Lynn with her Country Women's Institute challenge in which she won 1st prize for her tea cosy. Congratulations Lynn.

Heather has made this baby quilt for a work colleague who is having a baby after 7 years. The bag, which is only the second she has made - "My daughter is not getting this one," she says.

This is Colleen's jelly roll quilt made in rich reds for her mother who is in a rest home. How lovely and warm it looks, Colleen. I am sure she will love it.

Janice has completed her boat and stars mini quilt which she began at Greit Lombard's workshop.

Well thats all for now. As you see we are a very active group and love our patch work and quilting.

Griet Lombard workshop

Our Griet Lombard Workshop

Cotton on Quilters have taken on a couple of great activities recently. In June the Whanganui Museum took some old quilts from their vault and put them on display. To participate in this event, Cotton on Quilters were invited to take part in an activity to introduce people to the art of quilting. A number of adults and children participated. Cotton on Quilters Members brought along their sewing machines and assisted the children in making notebook covers, simple appliqué, and use of a sewing machine. This was a very rewarding activity. Several of children were found to be very interested in fabric craft and produced some wonderful work to take home. I daresay that their activities featured in the show and tell at school the next week. And yes, their were some boys as well as girls and all the children enjoyed what they were doing.

In July, we had a challenging and enjoyable workshop with Griet Lombard. What a talented lady.
The title of our workshop was "Think outside the square" and think out side the square we did.
We made stars, houses, boats, trees, people and cats. Each block was put together by foundation piecing.
Here are some photos of the workshop.

We made stars! Every star was shaped differently.

An example of Griet's star quilt

We made houses- and every one's house was different

People's imagination was ignited and they made lighthouses and windmills.

An example of Griet's house quilt.

A group working at their pieced blocks and thinking outside the square.

Heather is absorbed in her task.

Frances and Helen love what they are doing.

Donna and Carey always enjoy working together.

The smile on Janice's face says it all!

Placing our blocks to be admired by others!

We made cats!

Donna made a large block. It will be interesting to see what you do with that Donna.

Oh - ho! In the course of the workshop Helen spotted this adaptation on Carey's Machine! Note the cup that replaces the cotton spindle which had broken off.
Necessity sure is the mother of invention.
We made people and as we made each block the people held hands!

We made all kinds of boats,

and trees which were called coping blocks. They were used to fill spaces as we put our quilts together.

Janice made stars to add to her boat block.

Throughout the workshop we saw people take Griet's ideas and adapt them to their own styles. It was a fun workshop in which we all developed and learned new tricks .

Thanks so much Griet for a wonderful and exciting workshop.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Show and Tell

Hello Cotton on Quilters and anyone else interested in our blog.
Our meeting on 3rd July was well attended. It was the day that our quilts for our "Choose a Charity" Auction were to be passed in. Keep watching our website for the complete catalogue of quilts which can be bidded for in a silent auction. I will keep you posted.
There were some great quilts and wall hangings shown at show and tell. The delay in getting the photos on to the web has been because the blog editor was having some technical difficulties. Now that these are put right I am sure you will enjoy viewing what's ahead.
Here are the photos. .

A feature of the photos this month is the large number of quilts that members have made for the "Choose a Charity" Silent Auction that will be a part of our exhibition March 2011. All the quilts that are being donated for the Choose a Carity Auction had to be in this month and so there are a number of quilts featured here. All together there were 37 quilts donated by members for the charity of their choice.

Carey and Donna spent a weekend at Loraine Richardson's retreat in Waverley and managed to complete their lovely star quilts begun at an earlier retreat. - Aren't they stars!
Good work girls. Great to see the results of your concentrated endeavours.
Donna's quilt.
This is Rosalie's quilted wallhanging "One of a Kind" for the Choose a Charity quilt Auction. Her quilt has a candlewicking centre and applique on the borders.

Doreen has made this stained glass window with butterfly. - A Choose a Charity quilt for auction.

This delightful little Noah's Ark quilt is Pat's contribution for Choose a Charity auction.

Kathleen has made these next two lovely quilts -
First this multi coloured Grandmothers Charm Squares;

and then this lovely Building Blocks in vibrant colours. You've been really busy Kath. What a lot of work.

Rosie has been busy with this large King Single Square within a Square for her son who has outgrown his last quilt.

Rose obtain this Blackl and White wall hanging as last year's Xmas Club quilt and has completed it for a gift for this coming Christmas for her brother and sister -in-law. What a delight it will be for them to receive this Rose. It is beautiful.

This lovely Sun Bonet Sue is Lynette's work in progress. The outside sashings is from pyjama flanelette of the 1960s. We look forward to seeing the completed quilt Lynette. It will be so lovely and warm - in more ways than one!

Lorraine has made this quilt of clowns for her Choose a Charity It's delightful Lorraine and makes me smile each time I look at it.

There are some quilts below and I am not sure who made them. I will add their names as soon as I know the artist.

I am not sure who made this kaleidescope quilt. Maybe the person who made it will let me know who she is soI can add her name to it. Another Choose a Charity quilt.

The colours in this picture quilt are beautiful. Again, I hope the person who made it will see it and let me know who she is. This is one of my favourites. There are a few that are among my favourites. Another for the Choose a Charity Auction.

Madeline chose this wild life theme for her lovely Choose a Charity Quilt. It has a very calm restful feel about it. The animals look so peaceful.

Another Quilt for the choose a charity Auction and I don't know who made it!

This picture quilt of Betty's is remniscent of Amish style. Note the quilt hanging on the line!
Another of my favourites! You can see that I will be casting a number of bids!

Janice made this beautiful picture quilt for her Choose a Charity Auction. It features a woven fabric background. Janice tells us it is reflective of the country area she lives in with hills and deep valleys, trees and lining the crest of the hills and the birdsong all around. Can you see the bird in the foliage?