Sunday, December 13, 2009

Test photo of this beautiful sampler by Doreen


I am now the new blog lady..just doing a dummy run..

Friday, December 4, 2009

November Show & Tell

Just in time (it's the December meeting tomorrow - yikes!) I'm posting the November Show & Tell.

First up is a picture of what happens when someone brings fabric to fossick through :-)
Alison wanted one of Griet Lombard's one-of-kind handbags when we visited her on our Mystery Bus Trip recently. The one she wanted got sold before she could put her hand on it so she commissioned Griet to make her one in turquoise. The photo isn't so clear but the bag is lovely. Karen also showed her Griet bag but the photo disappeared into the ether.
This is my scrappy quilt called God's Eye (after the wool and stick weaving we did when we were kids)
And the horrifically bright ziz zag quilt finally got finished (it's alright for me to say this, it's my quilt - ha, ha)
I also made this bag - and I'm not a bag person
Donna demonstrated these Christmas tree ornaments
Maria showed us her lovely Double Wedding Ring quilt top which is being sent off to the quilters. We won't see it again - it's going to a wedding!
Margaret made this lovely stack 'n' whack
Frances G showed us her miniature house wall hanging
and her very cute teddy bear quilt
The applique on Myra's bag was lovely
Tracey made this ever-popular bug quilt
and this absolutely gorgeous rose wall hanging
Karen C showed us her country style sampler quilt
Illeen made this very simple but very sweet lap quilt from 4 1/2" squares. I love the fabric.
Rosalie was making good progress on her community quilt. It ended up a lot bigger than this and is now finished and distributed

Rose made a wonderful job of this Japanese Cranes quilt
Judith used a variety of techniques in this heart quilt
Lynette finished her row by row quilt with a Halloween theme
Brenda has finished her first quilt. It took while but she got there!
Heather showed the Tiki quilt made from a Kiwiquilts pattern
and she has finished quilting her Perfectly Imperfect quilt.Barbara finished her round robin quilt

And finishing with an animal theme Rae made this very cute dachshund wall hangingand Amy showed us her progress with the blocks from Griet Lombard's cat pattern. You goota love their expressions.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mystery Bus Trip - an illustrated tour - Part One

A few weeks ago our club had their biennial Mystery Bus Trip. Now when you live in the lower half of the North Island it gets harder and harder to make things a "mystery" - or so I thought! I organised the last 2 but this one was in the very capable hands of Betty, Karen and Judy. I knew that the Dannevirke quilting group had their exhibition on and my guess was that we would visit that and then come back to Palmerston North, but no, I knew NOTHING! We went nowhere near Danevirke or Palmerston North. We went to Levin, and its evirons. First stop was Cherry Pie Quilt Patch. In the classroom the ladies are admiring Cheryl's latest patten, a very lovely Christmas quilt and checking out the notions for sale.
Examining the finer points of a quilt:
Carol and Alison in the tea area:
Next stop was at Toad Hall. Maureen was pleased to pick up this sample of fabric sushi.

Susan Claire (Mayfield) of Toad Hall - aka the Gourmet Quilter certainly knows how to make fabric tantalising.

Some finished shopping before others:
And there had to be a little bit of show and tell while waiting:
Finally, here we all are on the veranda outside Toad Hall
There were some pretty happy shoppers amongst that lot!!

(More next post)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Show & Tell

For the October meeting we had a sewing morning working on our next raffle quilt. Helen had cut and prepared all the block pieces and the ladies sewed. We made good progress. The border blocks are diamonds:

And the centre is 54-40 or Fight blocks and Corral blocks. I must admit I have never seen the Corral block before and Icouldn't find it anywhere in EQ6 or my book of 500 blocks. I'd love to know where it came from:
The quilt was from Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine Vol 16 #8 and was designed by Frances Leate. We changed the centre block so it had the 54-40 or Fight star points, rather than the Ohio star points in the original design that were in the centre. We are looking forward to seeing the finishee quilt.

The past few months have been really busy for those of us involved in the Row by Row challenge and the Round Robin challenge. soem ladies wanted to do one and some wanted to do the other, so we rane it simultaneously. It made for a great Show & Tell since the ladies did not know who owned the set of blocks until they were displayed. this Row by Row was run slightly differently to the last one the club did. This time the blocks for the rows were not joined together so the owners could decide on a different arrangement of the blocks if they didn't want just rows. The owners made the first row and the other participants had free reign as long as the blocks added up to 48" wide. The fabric was supplied by each participant ( I think).

First up is the set of blocks owned by Heather. She chose a Christmas theme:
These belong to Susan. I think flowers were her theme and the flowere in the centre of the third row were fussy cut:
Then Margaret gets this set of blocks. I couldn't help making a comment about having seen those 54-40 or Fight blocks somewhere else recently!
Alison chose an Autumn theme and has these lovely blocks to play with:
We were all very interested in this halloween theme quilt. Lynette willhave agreat time putting these together for her grandchild. The bat row was very cleverly done with solid black appliqued onto a black and gray printed background and isn't the spider delightful! In fact the whole thing is very cute:
Annette wanted log cabins in bright colours and that is what she got! I can see this one growing into quite a big quilt:
Teresa loves country style quilts and these blocks will make up into a very nice quilt:
Then we moved onto the round robins. These tops were put together (of course) and had more detailed instructions for the participants to follow. All the fabric was supplied by the owner of the quilt. The first one is owned by Bernice:
This dramatic red, black and gray quilt is going to Veronica:
Rae did a very nice needle-turned block for thec entre of hers and whoever did the next row made a great j0b of the blue and white points:
Topsy-turvey for Myra. The third row had to incorporate setting the top on-point and log cabin together (not as easy as it sounds) and whoever did the stripes and tiny white triangle log cabin round was very clever:
Very pretty colours for Rosalie to go with her fushia centre:
Another dramatic combination of colours , this time for Maureen:
Annette chose blues and grays for her top:
Now we move on to the general Show & Tell and this is Annes community quilt finished:
And this is Rae's community quilt, also finished:
Another finished community quilt from Maureen. ( Don't I recognise those star points in the sashing rom somewhere??):
There are a few more quits form this months show & tell but we had some camera problems and didn't quite get all of them on. So we apologise to those members whose quilts didn't make it into this month's post - sorry :-(