Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 2012

February 2012.

Greetings every one,

Here we are into another year and already another month. With such an unusual summer - is it a late Spring or is it an early Autumn? - What ever, there have been some very busy quilters during the holiday period. As you will see by the interesting work laid out ahead.

Late on Friday, we found that our usual venue was not going to be available for Saturday - the council was turning off the water - so in the interim Carol, our President, found us another venue at The Oaks. Many thanks to your boss Carol for the hospitality at The Oaks Collegiate Inn.

At the November meeting we had our AGM and election of officers and so begin the New Year with a new president and committee. There are some great ideas ahead as the enthusiastic new- comers are brimming over with ideas.

And now our gallery of projects - some completed work and along with some work in progress.

First up was Joy Eyre with these two quilts

Here we have Diana Jones a very new member and her very first quilt ever. Congratulations Diana.

Rosalie belongs to the Friday night group. They have decided to work through this Carrie Hall quilt as a block of the month. Here we have her first three blocks. Rosalie has chosen to use freezer paper for shaping the appliqué.

Carey produces quite a lot of work. The first of her Show and Tell is quilt in brights....

and here we have a quilt carry bag. The bag opens out flat, then folds to dome the top and bottom together. Draw strings at the sides carefully encases the quilt. I am very interested in the idea, Carey.

Frances showed The block that she has made for the centre of adaptation of the Friday night Carrie Hall block of the month. Beautiful Frances. I love the colours.

Kath Elliot a front view......

and a back view of her quilt

Suzie Bradley,on the right, one of our younger members is working on these octagons. Carol is helping her hold a variety of the blocks. Well done Suzie.

Jenny has this work in progress. A rose quilt.

Tracey tells us she is "on about cats" at the moment and here is a selection of her cats.
First two bags - one complete.........

.......and the other a work in progress.

and don't you love her cat!

Donna Bradley has an interesting project in progress. She is making a quilt for her daughter's 21st and using photograph blocks which feature events in Helen's life and her family. Below is a series of the photograph blocks.

Donna will combine the blocks with linking heart blocks. What a lovely project Donna. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt.

Here's Donna and her husband, looking younger than ever!

Carol's first quilt is a completed Mystery Quilt. It has been professionally quilted and looks magnificent.

The final showing for the day was Carol's "The Cats Meow"