Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September Show and Tell

First up we have a scrap quilt made by Kath.
And this is the back of the quilt, just about as exciting as the front!
this is Jenny R's. cat runner. Love It.
and her still life wall hanging.

Andre's little "Horse's" wall hanging.
Here is Madeline's Dresden Plate Queen size Quilt

This is also by Madeline, a beautiful purple and green quilt.

She has finished this community quilt

Madeline made this one for a friend's Granddaughter.
Donna has finished her Cabbage Tree, made in a Clare Smith class recently.

Maureen made this to take on the plane. She will be able to stuff heaps of fabric in here!
this is very different, the pattern was from the internet.

Amy H. with her dog's blanket.

Audrey's lovely pansies wall hanging.
Veronica's nearly finished sashiko, done at Clare smith's workshop.

and her cabbage tree quilt made at Clare smith's Saturdays workshop.
Alison showed her cabbage tree

This one is by Joe B. They are all lovely and so different, It will inspire me to finish mine!
These are Heather's shower-proof baby change mats.


Kim's hand appliqued machine cover.

This is the back of the cover.

 Frances showed 2 Sashiko panels done on the machine.

This is carol's one also made on the machine.
Sample of work done by Carol at Taupo Symposium

and another by Carol.


and another, this time in coloured thread.
some knitted and crocheted bits to be used on a bag.

Keitha's wall hanging.

There was a Masterchef Competion as well on the Saturday. This is the Blue Team's effort.

And the Gold team's Effort.
This is the Purple team

and the Master Chef Red Team.
and the Green Teams effort.
and a photo of them all together. I was not there on the day but I have heard that it was a fun exercise and they all enjoyed it. Thanks to the committee.