Sunday, July 29, 2007

Test Post

Our blog has disappeared! this post is to check if I can still post.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Workshop and Raffle Quilt Progress

We have organised a new workshop for later in the year. Dianne Southey will teach us the skills of discharge dyeing on Sunday 18 November. A sign-up sheet will be at the next club meeting along with some class samples.

This is the pile of most of the centre blocks for the raffle quilt. They just need stitiching together and the centre will be done. Thanks to everyone for stitching, and especially to Barbara C, who did heaps!

A big thank you to Rae B for stitching the leaves, most of the flowers and berries on a side border. Here it is with the corner blocks and another side border which I am working on. Frances is working on the third one and Audrey has done the flowers on the fourth. I just need to get the last 2 corners started and we will be "cooking with gas"! Things are coming together nicely.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July Show & Tell - Part 6

This is Alice's very first quilt. Amazing!
Lesley also finished her Triple F Challenge from last year:
And her Faces quilt from the Anna Williams workshop:
Lynette showed this lovely Miniature Baltimore:

July Show & Tell - Part 5

Colleen showed her beautiful New York Beauty:
The next 3 are also by Colleen and are from Mary Transom workshops she has attended. We have booked Mary as a club tutor for next year. I don't think we will have any difficulty in filling the spaces. The first is a sea scene:
Joy (our community quilts coordinator) said the other day that she felt all community quilted out and here she is showing the first 2 in the next stockpile already! the first is from a pattern demonstrated on Simply Quilts:
And the second is a lovely I-Spy:

July Show & Tell - Part 4

This is Annette's finished Triple F Challenge which we did last year:
Judy had this Cloth Shop pattern for a while but it still makes a great quilt:
And this is her Teddy Bears quilt. Another "oldie but a goodie":
Anita says she doesn't really like this quilt: (but I couldn't persuade her to give it too me! I wonder why not - grin)
Rae had finished her beautiful Piece 'O Cake designed flower strippy quilt:
And this is her '30's style quilt:

July Show & Tell - Part 3

This is Frances' Mystery Half-Nighter from last year which she quilting on Janice's short arm system:Betty rescued this from a quilter friend who was going to throw it out. She made it into a fab cushion:
Karen did an internet signature block swap with a group from Germany:
Alison has finished her Shattered Glass wall hanging which she started in her 2007 Symposium class:
Helen did this workshop at the Cloth Shop. Sorry the photo is a little dark:

July Show & Tell - Part 2

June has been quilting for only 2 years and has already made over 40 quilts! Boy has she got that quilting bug BAD! She had 2 qults to show this time. The first is a knee rug sized quilt. This isn't a great photo of it:And the second is a scrap quilt:
Bev showed her Butterflies wall-hanging:
Theresa was attending for the very first time, became a new member, nds was brave eonough to get up at Show & Tell. This isi a Chook Shed pattern, an "oldie but a goodie" and she has made a lovely job of it:
Judith made this child's quilt for "the future"

Monday, July 9, 2007

July Show & Tell - Part 1

We had a fantastic meeting last Saturday, with well over 50 in attendance, 6 visitors (3 of whom joined on the spot,) a popular Techniques Training session, and with Anne and Marion from Breast Screening Aotearoa as our Guest Speakers. They brought with them the quilts from the 2007 Symposium challenge "Women's Health - Life's Great Balancing Act". We finished with a great Show & Tell of 29 items made by members.

I'm going to post this month's Show & Tell in several parts because there was so much of it. Well done everyone!

Rosie had an attentive audience as she demonstrated how to make the 3-D Bow Tie block:
Busy quilters in the morning session:
Rosie made this baby quilt for her husband's boss' soon to be new grandchild. Apparently her husband came home and asked if she could make a quilt for the anticipated event. "Sure," she said, "How long have I got?" "Well she is due in a month," replies Hubby. "And you have known this for how long?" (Quite a few months ,apparently!)Rianne (age 13) is making this quilt for the up-coming NANZQ exhibition to enter in the junior section
Sonia's son is getting married in Canada soon and she made this stunning quilt as the wedding quilt. (If you look back to last month's Show & Tell you can see the picnic/dog quilt she also made. The dog is definitely NOT allowed on this one!) The pattern is Lillibet's Garden by Beth Ferrier and was an internet Block of the month last year.
Sonia had it professionally custom quilted at Karamu Quilting and the work is just wonderful, complementing the quilt perfectly . Sorry there isn't a better picture of it.