Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Show and Tell

I want to say congratulations to our new president, Frances, and myself. We both had quits accepted for Symposium. Only 5 weeks to go. Now, where did I put that class needs list??

Now, aren't I a good girl? Club was today and here I am getting the Show and tell photos up on the same day. I couldn't stay for the afternoon meeting so I get to see them just as you do, digitally.

The club has a good number of activities planned for this year and they are proving to be very popular. Thirty women signed up for the Mystery Bus Trip later in the year. Full already! And plenty of time to save up some cash to flash (that is assuming I have any left to save after Symposium.)

First up we have Alison's Flower Block quilt:
Alison also made this Trip Around the World for the daughter of a friend. Lovely colours:
Sonia made this delightful quilt for Keaten:
Veronica hasn't been doing much quilting as such lately, but she has made these lovely bolster cushions:
Susan has nearly completed her Row by Row from last year. Susan was the envy of many at club today as she was using her embroidery machine to quilt in sections. We were very interested!
Ruth used a strip piecing technique to make this graphic quilt top:
Rosie G is making this quiolt form NZ fabrics. I think it is for her brother. She is looking for ideas on how to make it bigger:
Riane has been working on her Bow Tie quilt made form the charity fundraiser CanTeen head scarves:
This is Rosemarie's Log Cabin Disaster. The star points were supposed to be 6o degree triangles but the pattern was printed incorrectly and they wouldn't fit together. Much fudging ensued!
Lois' daughter is being married in Ireland soon and this quilt is to celebrate that happy event. If my memory serves me correctly this is a Cloth Shop pattern. We wish Lois a safe and happy trip.
Madeline has been working on these very cute cats:
Lynette made this flower quilt based on a picture her grandchild drew. Very nice!
Heather has finished her NZ Postcards quilt. I'm not sure what Veronica was doing with the camera at the time :-)
Carol, queen bag maker, has made these two:

Judith has made this table runner from NZ fabric:
and this is her version of the NZ Postcard quilt:
Lyne is working on this Gollie quilt. There are a lot of pieces to applique!
Kathleen has been having fun with squares of cloth and Dynaflow dyes. Very pretty.
Maureen attended Anna Williams' Print Magic workshop (I have done one of these as well. Unfortunately it is still a WIP):
That's all folks. Come back next month!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February Show & Tell

Yes, I know it is March already and this is February's Show & Tell and it is only 3 days until March's meeting. I Know I have been a real slacker at posting the Sow & Tell over the last year. I promised at Feb's meeting that I would be way better this year. Well, hmmm...

It is true that one should do Show & Tell posts immediately after the meeting because I can't remember who owns most of the quilts shown here. Bad ex president!

Scotty dogs:
This is a bag Amy made, inspired by the wonderful bags seen in the Quilts Japan magazine.

The front:
The back:
The side:
Why, do you suppose, I take photos of such variable quality??

Amy also made this bag, I think for a friend who lives in Korea. I was told she could have sold the bag about 5 times over in the space of getting from the airport to her apartment.
Here is a lovely Jacobs ladder quilt done in autumn colours:
And another autumn toned quilt made, I think, from fabrics purchased in Canada. (Phillipa's?)
Now whose bag is this?
UPDATE: My sources tell me this is Anita's bag

The sun block in the top lefthand corner of this quilt was fab. Much brighter than shows up here. It made me feel very cheery.
Delightful daisies, or is that gerberas? (Everyone knows I don't garden)
A gollie quilt
Moira is making a wasitcoat for her husband. Please excuse the perspective. It really isn't as big as it looks.
The back:
I'm sorry, I really have no idea who this quilt belongs to. I hope someone reading this will be able to tell me and I will make an update.
Ditto for this one
This lovely baby quilt was made by Rosalie for her niece's baby:
The back:
We had a visitor from Wellington and she showed us this dramatic quilt:
Janice's husband turned 60 a few months ago. At the party Janice had bloks of fabric ready for people to decorate and now she has most of the top finished. Very clever.
That's all folks. I hope to be back next week with March's offerings.