Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Show & Tell

The club meeting was busy today with the start of the new club Row by Row and Round Robin Challenges. Participants took home their paper bags and we look forward to finding out how they start off their rows/blocks.

One of our members, Kath, gave us a lively techniques training on using Dynaflow.

Our guest speakers were from the Cancer Society talking about the dangers of skin cancers. Often overlooked as 'just skin cancer' it was a timely reminder to us all about keeping a regular check on our bodies and knowing what is 'normal' so we can tell when it is not, so we can get a check done early.

Here is the show and tell from today:

First up from Tracey, a new member. Tracey's husband saw this Mckenna Ryan pattern and told her she had to make it. Thing is, it is her first quilt. Tracey's husband made the frame. Pretty good, huh?
Next is a Sudoko quilt by Margaret S. Beautiful fabrics in this one:
I finished the binding on my scrappy, strippy quilt. This is going to Australia to the bushfire quilts appeal.
This is called Leftover Tabasco Sauce. I made it using all the leftover blocks from our club banner. There were exactly enough to make this 9 rows by 14 columns arrangement.
The following has a little story attached. Frances and I went to Wellington a couple of weeks ago to see the Monet paintings. Of course, a visit to Wellington is incomplete without a stop at Minerva bookshop. Anne Scott told me about this wall hanging that Rosemary McLeod had brought in to the shop, saying Anne could give it a better home than she. Apparently Rosemary had bought a piece of furniture from Dunbar Soan auction house and this piece was inside it. The label on the bottom says it is a 'Pot Pourri Challenge' made by 5 Cotton On Quilter members in 2001. I wasn't a member of the club then, so I took it along to see if I could jog some memories. It was a colour challenge and each person had to make 5 blocks with a given colour theme and they were shared around. This is what Mary Gullery, a long-standing former member did with her blocks. Sadly, Mary died over a year ago and some of her collectables and furniture went to Wellington to be autioned. Voila! What goes around comes around :-)
Next up is Frances G's black redwork sampler. The pictures are all about life in the garden:
Margaret made this cool Beatles fabric quilt for her 16 year old son. I love the fabric:
Rosalie made a sewing bag in a class at the Home Sewing Centre. Of course, it is hard to stop at just one!
Karen A is making this lovely bright childs quilt:
Rose is embroidering Australian motifs which will end up in a quilt:
Doreen made this kitchen wall hanging from fabric she won in a club raffle last year:
Carol is making this wall hanging to take with her to America. She leaves in a couple of weeks. I wish I could fit into her suitcase. She is meeting up with quilters and attending a quilting retreat.
The fish are biting in Audrey's quilt:

I wish I had a better picture of this quilt made by Jenny using fabrics she got in France. She has hand quilted it beautifully and has done a no-binding finish. Lovely!