Saturday, May 2, 2009

May's Show & Tell

We had a cosy meeting today as some of our members decamped for Tote & Gloat in Palmerston North. I hope they had a great time.

First up is Rae's very cute light weight travel iron. It does steam! I think she got it from Briscoes. I will have to pay them a visit.

Illeen did June Nixey's class at Symposium. She thought it would be a nice relaxing way to use up some of her large stash of 5" squares. I think June had them working hard judging by all the samples Illeen showed us:
Illeen also did Vicki Pignatelli's curves class. I love the fabric she used:
And just in case she didn't have enough to keep her busy Illeen did a third class with Paula Nadelstern. This was the complete opposite of the curves class. Everything had to be precise:
This is the quilt Donna made for her daughter's 21st birthday.
It has lovely bumblebee quilting which you can see on the reverse:
Donna is on a roll. This quilt is for her grandson and she made it in 3 days! I think the way Donna has used the Hungry Caterpillar print is much nicer than the arrangements the american magazines have been showing:
And the reverse is cool too:
Heather has finished her table runner using a 'big block' from our newsletter series last year:
This large quilt was made by Teresa in the 'quilt as you go' method. Teresa usually works in country colours and wanted a change. A very pretty quilt:
More from symposium classes. This is Sue's class sample from Libby Lehman's thread play. The thick decorative thread was used in the bobbin:
And in this class, taught by Anne Jolly, Sue was only allowed to take 3 fabrics. She found that a challenge and sneaked some extras in:
And now for a change of pace; this quilt is made from totally recycled material. I'll bet you would never guess it is made from old pillow slips. I didn't realise when you unstitched them that they have so much fabric in them. There are no joins in the strips. Totally cool! Well done, Audrey!Colleen showed us the first quilt she ever made, which was for her grandson (who is a bit older now). Only Colleen is allowed to wash the quilts given to members of this family which is why it was temporarily back in her possession:
Judy has nearly finished this lovely quilt, a design by Bronwyn Hayes I think. It was well applauded. I think everyone would have liked to take it home:
Amy is doing the Cloth Shop Saturday Sampler and is trying different fabric combinations. It is amazing what a difference value and colour placement makes to the look of a block.
Frances took the Images of Science class taught by Jenny Bowker at Symposium. These are not flowers, they are microscopic protozoa. I love the 'lip' of light blue at the top:
Finally, I took two classes at Symposium. The first was Layer by Layer Landscapes by Gloria Loughman. Most of the students did a variation on one of the patterns provided, but I tried my hand at an 'original' so I didn't get very far. It is still in pieces:
And this is what I made in Dena Crain's Darned Quilts class. It was total fun. Both of my tutors were excellent and well worth the investment.
Frances has just reminded me of the hilarious merriment I caused today when I was trying to explain how we cut the circles out and swapped them over. I went on to explain that you could do three circles, putting the "A" circle in the "B" hole, the "B" circle in the "C" hole and the "C" circle in (yep, you guessed it) the "A" hole! Now I know why Dena, the tutor, explained it as A to B, B to C, C to A. I bet she has 'been there, done that'!