Friday, March 4, 2011

Show and Tell November

Our November Show and Tell featured some new members showing their first quilts.

Once again many styles and techniques featured.

Frances showed us how she makes a quilt sleeve that fits over a picture for Christmas time so that she does not take her pictures off the wall and they become the support for her christmas quilts. A great idea Frances.

Helen showed two quilts that she had completed. She has been practicing her machine quilting patterns and these were featured on her new quilts. Her second quilt was also hand dyed.

Well done Helen.

Karen's quilt titled "A mile a Minute" was hand quilted.

Here is Judy's Christmas Ball - Not a Pudding.

Rae won last months raffle of 10 fat quarters and here is the result!
A lovely Christmas Quilt.

Sue showed us her bright Baby quilt for the family new-comer.

Lyn had two quilts ; the first this "I Spy"

and the second this bright quilt with the bright pinks chosen by a special needs child.The colours and tones blended very well.

This was the quilt which one of our youngest members made. she was guided by her grandmother. Well done Summer.

and here's the quilt Rita, Summers grandmother, made.
Lidy's quilt in blues and red was very attractive.
This was Liby's quilt - her very first with all hand dyed materials.

Susan's Christmas quilt had machine embroidered roses.

Maureen showed us her first challenge quilt "Earth, Wind and Fire.

The next three quilts were made by Joy. Joy tells us for these scrap quilts she made 365 blocks, from which she created seven quilts. Fantastic Joy. I'm sure you have made a big dent in that scrap box.

October Show and Tell

The first show and tell this month was from Rosalie who is a keen Bonsai enthusiast. This is her crab apple in flower for the Spring. Rosalie told us the story of her tree which is 23 yrs old.

We look forward to seeing the tree in Autumn when the crab apples will be there.

The following are photographs from the September and October Show and Tell.

We are so fortunate to have very tallented and enthusiastic members.

Because we are approaching our exhibition in March, 2011 we will have two half nighters in order to complete projects for the approaching exhibition.