Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Club Meeting and Show and Tell

Club Day 4th June

Our June club day happened to be a good day for staying inside. Cold, wet and bleak; but that seems to be a good time to enjoy the warmth of one another's friendship. The Cloth Shop Saturday block of the month was once again a feature of the activity. Completed blocks were displayed on the display board.

We have had a request from SANDS(Sudden and Neonatal Death Syndrome) to provide memory quilts for bereaved families. This has been responded to and SANDS will be the recipients of our community quilts this year.

Cath's quilt features Teddy Bears - a quilt for her grandchild.

Rosalie has completed the first block of the month from the Australian Homespun Magazine "The Quilt Shop"

And has begun to work on the next block - The Post Office

Rita has made her quilt using floating flying geese. It was her first attempt at machine quilting

You can see by this reverse photo that Rita has achieved a very uniform stippling.

Lorraine has a group called Chaos Quilters who meet at the St John Ambulance rooms. This quilt has been made by members of the group for St John to raffle as a fund-raiser.
I am sure they will be very happy Lorraine, it is a beautiful quilt.

Carol likes to link with quilter friends in many countries. One of her latest activities has been to exchange mug rugs. Here are two mug rugs from one of her friends in Sweden.

Last month Janice showed us a novelty necklace she had made. Jeanette took up the idea and here is her novelty necklace.

Rosemary has been busy making pin cushions.

Madeleine has made this lovely fairy quilt for her grand-daughter

Jean has been delving into the Ark and found this cushion - The first one she ever made. It is made using thermo drape material which, she says, really lasts well.

Jean has also made this novelty sewers scarf. There are numerous little pockets for scissors, thimble, cottons and the like and also attached pin cushion. Thanks Jean. I like that idea. It will save dropping scissors and losing the cotton down the edge of the chair.

Jean has also recovered an old pattern of a tea cosy which she says she has not made for some time but here is a lovely new tea cosy in today's colours

Maria is rejoicing awaiting her first grandchild and here is the quilt - all ready and waiting.

This is a SANDS quilt made by Frances. She has quilted hearts into each of the corners.

Helen showed us this quilt she has put together for an elderly lady who has gone into care. Like so many she passed on her stash and among the materials were these blocks which Helen has assembled them and will return the completed quilt to her

The next quilt was shown at the symposium and was made for one of the challenges.
The title is "The Remarkables"

Another quilt shown at symposium - "Left Over Tobasco Sauce"
The quilting work on this quilt is magnificent- a pity that it does not show in the photograph.
This large bed quilt for her son also features a significant amount of quilting.

And here is Helen's son. Helen has developed this painting technique at a class she attended at symposium. Work in progress.

Friday, June 3, 2011

May Show and Tell

Today was another busy meeting with a variety of activities happening. Because of the numbers doing The Cloth Shop BOM there has been a general consensus that those who are able will sew their blocks at home and deliver them to Helen in time for her to photograph them and get the next block over from Palmerston North. Whew! What a good idea.
Janice, our newsletter editor, is also presenting a block of the month Nursery Quilt in the newsletter. There are a number of members doing that also.

Janice shows us the second block of the nursery quilt. Really cute Janice, thank you.

Rosalie is doing a block of the month with a difference. She is working on the Australian Homespun BOM and here is the first block - work in progress. In the original design the materials are of Moda Wild Rose selection. Because these materials could not be obtained easily in her home town, Rosalie has matched some materials to suit.

Lesley showed us the quilt that she has made for her friend's birthday. We would all love to be one of your friends Lesley!

This is one of Audrey's recent quilts

and here are two rag dolls that Audrey has made.

Pat has made this Christmas Stocking for holding the Christmas vouchers.
Great idea Pat.

This large floor play mat has been made by Margalite.

Remember Alison's work in progress last month.Here it is completed.
A small appliqué quilt.

Donna had an interesting story for her quilt. Near to where she lived there was a tree which was called the mushroom tree because of its shape. It stood proudly on a hill until the rains came and the winds blew and that little tree was carried in a landslide to the bottom of the hill. Donna photographed the tree at the bottom of the hill and produced this landscape. The first photo shows the photograph of the landslide and tree alongside the quilt.

Here is the quilt a little closer up. Donna began making this quilt at the Chris Kenna workshop.

Rosemary's Pin Wheels with Teddy bears. A child's quilt

Veronica's place mat. I like the soft fawns and creams Veronica.

Veronica also showed this little girls quilt for her grand-daughter - an adaptation of a pattern from The cloth Shop.

Keitha has made three table runners. The one on the right is made in NZ native fabrics and based on "The Tall Poppies" pattern from The Cloth Shop.

Jeanette has made several table mats. One has used an old doilie, the others in NZ fabrics and Japanese fabrics.

Frances has made this bag from a Jellyroll. The bag is from the pattern shown us by Catherine from The Cloth Shop.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

April Show and Tell

Today at club we continued with our block of the month from "The Cloth Shop." The enthusiasm continues.
Since our last meeting we have had our exhibition. It was lovely to hear visitors comments that we "Have gone up a notch." This was very encouraging. A great deal of effort was put in to the production of a very well presented exhibition and only quilting exhibitors will know what that takes in effort from all concerned with nearly 300 quilts on show. It was a truly marvellous effort from all club members.

The first to show her work today was Rita with this square in a square. This was a large quilt and difficult to capture the full size in one photo.
Doreen showed us this wall hanging made for her grand-daughter to celebrate her 11th birthday.
Tracy is a very industrious quilter with some lovely variations of quilts.This is a pattern from The Cloth Shop.
Margalite usually makes very large quilts and this King size is no exception - Calico and scraps quilt as you go. Once again difficult to capture the whole quilt in one photograph.
Alison showed us a work in progress. The appliqué is beautiful Alison> i look froward to seeing the finished quilt.