Friday, November 4, 2011

August Meeting and Show and Tell

Warm and cosy quilting was a good way to spend this Saturday morning. Outside it was cold and bleak but the warmth of the friendships inside made it very easy to forget the nasty weather and enjoy one anothers' company. The room was a buzz as we pieced and quilted away to our hearts content.

Show and Tell was very interesting as you will see. Because of the wintry weather plenty of work was completed since we were last together

Doreen made this beautiful Christmas Tree Skirt. It was large and so took some holding to keep it straight while I photographed it. - Well done Doreen

Tracy has been busy. She is very keen and always or nearly always, has something to show us. This month she has three items to show us.
A purple butterflies quilt;
A matching blue and purple rabbit;
And a pool table cover. Thanks Tracy. The little girl who receives the quilt and matching rabbit will love them.

This Rail Fence quilt was made by Karen C. Well done Karen.

The next two quilts were made by Donna and Carey. - They are like our Siamese twins; Great friends who work together and often produce like projects.

Donna's houses!
and Carey's houses. I wonder what their next subject will be!
Jenny has two items this month - a flower wall hanging
and the twelve days of Christmas. Both very beautiful quilts.
Maureen has three quilts of interest this month -The first was a little girls quilt with very interesting blocks featuring dolls and flowers.

This is a view of the back of the little girls quilt.

Here is Maureen's little boys quilt. And yes...... has an equally interesting back. Each of these quilts are reversible.

This is the quilt that captures my interest. Maureen has been working on this BOM which featured in the Australian Homespun.
It is beautiful Maureen!

And here is an example of the quilting from the reverse side. Congratulations Maureen it looks beautiful.

This is Julie's "Under the Sea"

and Julie's BOM off the internet.This is the back of Julie's quilt above.
And the last quilt for the day is Marie's animal cot quilt.