Saturday, March 8, 2014

1st March 2014 Show n Tell

This quilt is by Pat and was inspired by a trip to the Basement of the Whanganui Museum.
It is made out of her husbands shirts. Hopefully they were his old ones!

A table runner in black/red /cream/pale green/ by Veronica.
Very lovely.

This is a quirky bag by Maureen. It has a lining in batiks and the pattern was from a magazine.

Rosie N. made these I Pad holders for her Grandchildren.
Rosie has also made this dinosaur quilt which will be backed with polar fleece when completed.

Rosie has been very busy and has completed 3 baby cot quilts.

 This kingsize man's quilt has been made for a young friend at Otago University.
It has been made by Rosie G.

Madeline has made this quilt for her great niece . Very colourful.
And another one by Madeline for another great niece.

Madeline also showed us her buy from The Craft Show.
It is a Flip Way Reverse Applique Template

Watch this space for exciting quilts made with this template!!