Friday, February 10, 2017

February 2017 Show n Tell

Made by Karen C. She told us that because the weather was so grotty over the holiday break there was not much else to do. What a wonderful way to fill in your time!!

Maureen M. has called this colourful quilt "Jewel Box". She has made it for herself and was given some of the material by her friend Betty.

A beautiful bag made by Bep. She bought the pattern at the Levin Show and did not have enough material for the whole bag so she has knitted the back of the bag.

This quilt is called "Bali" and is made by Betty B.  Her friend in Australia gave her Bali material 5 yrs ago and after seeing a quilt made in these colours she was inspired to make it up.

This is the backing of her quilt, it is a tablecloth that was on her dinning table and thought that is the perfect size!!

Judith A. purchased this as her 1st ever kit at Tote & Gloat. It is her 1st attempt at free motion quilting as well. Well done.

Judy P. has hand stitched this wall hanging. Made on Linen and in felt and wool. Hand stitched.  It is called "Round the Garden" and is a pattern by Wendy Williams.
A I Spy Quilt by Lyn S. She saw the pattern in a book and worked it out "her way".

This wall hanging is called "All a Twitter". Alison B. saw the pattern in a NZ Quilter magazine, it was designed by Anne Scott.

3 Table Runners made by Kathleen E. It filled in the time over the Summer.

Judith A. liked a photo of this quilt on facebook and worked out the maths! Her cousin loved it and wants to buy it and make it a duvet cover.

"A Trip Around The World" is by Frances H. She thought she would have a go at strip piecing, sewing into a tube and cross cutting. Helen P helped her with the colour choices.

This daisy chain-pansy chain is by Sue F. The pattern is from a jelly roll book, made up from 2 1/2 squares and machine quilted by Sue.
Rosie N. started this quilt in Christmas 2015 and finished Christmas 2016, it was a kit from Grandmother's Garden.
This is by Sonia C. who thinks it should be called "Headache", I think we probably all have one of those. Her daughter asked her to make a quilt as a wedding gift from her scraps and from a photo.
A close up of the centre. Sonia said it was a BIG ASK but she got there. A very good effort indeed.

This jacket is by Hester d. (a new member, welcome) She had wanted to make a bargello quilt for ages and had the pattern for this jacket and finally the time.

And this is the front. It looked lovely.

This quilt is called "373 in 2017" and is by Maureen L.  Kathryn Kerr, an Australian Quilter decided to do a 365 day challenge in January 2016. A new block was put on the web at midnight. It was a real challenge as one 2 in block had 49 pieces and a 6in had 185 pieces.  She finished her top 8 days late hence it is a 373 day challenge.

Here is a close up of the middle

And a couple of close up of the blocks

And this is the 6in 185 pieced block!!!