Friday, May 18, 2007

May Show & Tell

I didn't attend the may meeting but here are some photos of the Show & Tell that Ruth took. She didn't get all the details down but Iv'e given you as much info as I know:

First up is a lovely black and white quilt made by Judy:
and detail:
Do you like shoes? Imelda Marcos eat your heart out:
and detail:
The shoe quilt was by Judith and so is this Dresden Plate:

I didn't know who made the next quilt (but thanks to Carol for letting me know it is yours.) Kath is giving it a close inspection:

The next quilt was made by Audrey from a Symposium class:

An orphan block quilt by Jean:
I don't know who is behind this quilt but I think it is a pattern from Fibre Flair:
This is a quilt made by Betty using techniques learned in a class at Symposium
I don't know who is behind this quilt either but the blocks were cut from already made blocks which the maker didn't like:
The blocks look like a random cut 9 patchThis last quilt is by Pat:

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jacqui Karl Workshop

We had our Jacqui Karl Dragonfly workshop today and we all had a fun and relaxed time, so relaxed in fact that Colleen carefully sewed her set of notes to the back of her dragonfly wings and Rae sewed her quilt to the rubber mat that we use underneath the machines!

Here is Colleen's set of notes. She won't be losing them in a hurry will she? You can just see the line of dark stitching near the top. Colleen did wonder aloud why her thread was breaking.

This is Jacqui helping Maria to decide how to use the lovely lace fabric as part of her dragonfly wings:

Donna and her mum Bernice were concentrating hard. It paid off because they were the first to finish!

Sue is busy writing

Rae was going great guns before she sewed the mat to her quilt!

Betty is busy cutting out her dragonfly wings:

Sorry you missed a great day. We hope to see the finished quilts at the next club meeting.