Monday, June 25, 2007

Two Corners and Part of a Border

We have now finished two of the four corner blocks and are trying out the flower arrangement on one of the side borders. We need more of the flowers to be prepared before we can finalize the placement, and the leaves and berries need to be added, but progress is being made!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Raffle Quilt Progress

Frances has finished hand appliqueing one of the corner blocks for our raffle quilt:

Thanks, Frances.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Raffle Quilt Progress

Before the June meeting I cut out all the blocks and fabric for applique for our 2008 Exhibition Raffle Quilt. We are making Kim Diehl's "Passing Fancy" quilt from her book "Simple Traditions" (used with permission.) Here is what the piles looked like before I packaged them up into little brown paper bags for distributing at the meeting:

With the background fabric added:

The green fabric across the front is for the leaves. the fabric on the right is for the berries and the fabric at the top is for the flowers.

Some good ladies have finished their blocks already:

and have asked for more packets. Barbara is onto her ninth!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Community Quilts Project

Here is what 52 Community Quilts look like stacked up. The pile on the left is going to Castlecliff Plunket and the other 3 piles are going to the Living Without Violence Trust.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

June Show & Tell

We held our June meeting yesterday and we had a great turnout of people. Our guest speaker was Judith Briant of the National Association of New Zealand Quilters (NANZQ). She spoke to us about the organisation, its purpose and the benefits of belonging. Then she was kind enough to show some of her quilts. Wow! Her work is beautiful. Sorry, there are no photos it.

We had a major display of the community quilts which were handed in. We didn't "Show & Tell" them but you can see them in the previous post. We have the results of the Jacqui Karl Dragon Fly class. I'm sure you'll agree they all look great:

Janice is making a quilt using the plan of their Delphinium growing work area that was drawn by a student (from France, I think) who stayed with them and worked in the nursery. The student is now getting married and Janice and Terry are attending the wedding. This will be the weeding, oops I mean wedding, gift:

Janice has called this the Orange Explosion:

Pauline finished her Triple F Challenge quilt that was started last year:

Helen H did this beautiful sampler with the Cloth Shop:

Frances worked with a non-quilting workmate to make this baby quilt for another colleague who is expecting a baby very soon:

I'm sorry I can't remember the exact name of this quilt made by Jenny. It has an African theme:

Another by Jenny called Music with Africa. It has music themed fabric in the border:

The blocks in this one were rescued by Jenny and made into this quilt called Nasturtium Lane (yes it is a pun on Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives). Jenny told a wonderful story about the people who live in the houses. I'm hoping she will write it down for us. It was very funny:

Sonia's son in Canada is getting married later in the year and this is one of two quilts she is taking over. It is a picnic and dog rug. On the reverse side she has backed it with "canine" polar fleece so the dogs can cuddle in it. The other quilt, which is the wedding quilt, is still in progress:

Redwork done by Carol:

Chook bags made by Carol and Audrey (sorry the photo isn't that great, Ruth was using my camera which is unfamiliar to her). They were fun bags:

Very cute Cats in Teapots made by Audrey:

Audrey has made this beautiful top from Asian themed fabrics. If I remeber rightly it is called Forever Blowing Bubbles:

Community Quilts Project

Yesterday was the hand-in day for our community quilts project. There were over 50 quilts, most of which will go to the Living Without Violence Trust. The smaller ones will go to Castlecliff Plunket.