Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September Show n Tell 2017

Must first say sorry, some of the photos are a bit blurry.  I forgot to take my camera to our club day and used my cell phone. First effort of using it for photos , will need to practice!!!

Our theme for September's show n tell was "Baby"

First up is a panel that Rosie N bought awhile ago and went to a quilting class at Fox cottage, in Foxton, and this is her first effort at stippling. Well done Rosie.

This is called :Heirloom Garden" and Jenny R. made this in 2006.  It is made of 1940,1950,1960's fabric from her Mother's scrap bin. She told us it is for her Grandchildren who are yet to appear. We all have a hope chest Jenny!  She hand-quilted and embroidered it herself.

Frances H. showed us this group effort quilt. Was made for her 1st Grandaughter, Georgia Rose. Born December 2006. The Blocks were made by family members and club members

"Alphabet Baby Quilt" made by Veronica D. The pattern was out of an old A.P.&Q. magazine quite a few years ago.

A bassinet quilt by Lesley McF., made at least 35yrs ago.  the main fabric from her Mum's left over curtains and the rest is from maternity outfits etc.  She didn't realize it was a type of quilting until she saw a pattern with puffs.

Heather McL. has called this one "Funky Farmyard" and is another one in the Granny Hope chest. The bull is not strictly anatomically correct but he does have a ring in his nose!

Another by Heather, "Little Macca's Farm. Her husband gets called Macca so he said that the farmer Macca on the quilt had to have Waikato stripes on his overalls, so no guessing which team the human macca supports!!

Another for Heather's hope chest. An I Spy Quilt, 2 petals were cut from each 5in square.

Her hope chest is full!!! "Fish with Attitude" She saw the pattern in a Hamilton East quilt shop. Heather thought the fish needed a bit of jazzing up from the plain colours on the pattern.

Last one for the Baby selection and is another from Heather.  A dolls bed quilt made with 1930's 5in squares.  she made it to try out different ways of making a patch unit.

 Donna B. made this "Carat Diamond in the rough" quilt for her Mum. It was made specially for her 85th birthday.

a sampler block from Amiee's quilt shop, Palmerston North, that our club members are making. This is one by Veronica D.

Rosie N. has put this part together, from Amiee's shop, it will be a children's quilts, the big reveal is in a few months.

Frances H. attended the "Triangle" Class a few weeks ago our club organised. It was by Sheila Christensen from Quilters Lane, in Masterton. Frances brought her book and went home and enjoyed making more variations of her Triangles.

"My Menanagrie"  Judy P saw this pattern in Cottage flair in Rotorua and bought the kit.  She has made it for her latest Grandson Eddie who lives in Christchurch.
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Veronica D. has made this sewing pouch which was in the Inspirations Magazine and is a Sue Spargo pattern, she also sewed the dog pouch which was our of Yoko Saito's book Houses.

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